Week 16 (December 11 - December 15)

MONDAY, December 11, 2017
Topic: Sensation & Perception
*Differentiate between kinesthetic & vestibular sense.
*Differentiate between difference threshold & Weber’s Law
*Differentiate between place theory & frequency theory.
Class Work:
*Do Now
*Quiz over Absolute threshold, Difference threshold, Signal detection theory, Kinesthetic, Vestibular, Subliminal, Sensory adaptation, Eye, Ear
*Finish Kinesthetic, Vestibular, Difference Threshold, & Weber’s Law
*Frequency vs. Amplitude
*PITCH THEORIES: Place theory & Frequency theory
*Hearing Loss & 2 types of deafness
*Jellybeans (plug nose)
HW: None

TUESDAY, December 12, 2017
Topic: Sensation & Perception
*Explain the 4 Gestalt groupings.
*Define gate-control theory.
*Explain size, shape, & brightness constancy.
Class Work:
*Touch & Gate-control theory
*Taste, Touch, Smell, Gestalt
*Gestalt grouping
*Constancy: Size, Shape, Brightness
*Motion: Stroboscopic effect, phi phenomenon, autokinetic effect
*Depth cues: visual cliff experiment
HW: Read p.102-103
*Explain monocular cues.
*Explain binocular cues.
*What is ESP?

WEDNESDAY, December 13, 2017
Topic: Sensation & Perception
*Differentiate between monocular & binocular cues.
*Define ESP.
Class Work:
*Do Now
*Monocular vs. Binocular cues
*Recap any material that was glossed over.
*Perception effects
HW: Read p.104-108 (Take the Practice Quiz)

THURSDAY, December 14, 2017
Topic: Sensation & Perception
Class Work:
*Review for Exam on Monday
HW: Study for Exam on Monday!!!
Vocab Sheet due on Monday before the Exam (Worth 15 points)

FRIDAY, December 15, 2017