Week 1(August 28 - September 1)

MONDAY, August 28, 2017
Topic: Intro & History of Psychology
*Define psychology.
*Explain how to get a 5 on the AP Exam
*Identify various professions of psychology.
Class Work:
*Laptop expectations
*What do you know about Psychology?
*Define Psychology
*AP Psych Course Description
*Note-taking skills
*Psych Fact or Fiction
*Pass out workbooks
*History of Psych trading cards explanation
Read "Introduction: Using This Book" on page ix - xi (Barron’s AP)
Summer HW due tomorrow (8/29)

History of Psych Trading Cards (due Friday, 9/1)

Example of Trading Card:

TUESDAY, August 29, 2017
Topic: History of Psychology
*Identify group expectations necessary for group work throughout the year.
Class Work:
*Quiz over reading
*Collect summer HW
*Group Work
*Work Time: History of Psych Trading Cards
Read p.41-43 (Barron’s AP)
History of Psych Trading Cards (due 9/1)
Potential Discussion Questions (for Thursday):
#1: Define & differentiate between structuralism, functionalism, & behaviorism?
#2: What does repression & the unconscious mind have to do with psychoanalysis during the 3rd Wave of thinking?

WEDNESDAY, August 30, 2017
No Class

THURSDAY, August 29, 2017
Topic: History of Psychology
*Decipher between common myths & facts in psych.

*Explain the difference between structuralism, functionalism, & behaviorism?

*Describe repression & what the unconscious mind has to do with psychoanalysis during the 3rd Wave of thinking.

Class Work:
*Group Work
*Bart Simpson Effect
Read PDF on psych professions - p.13-15 (copy & paste the website below and read pages 13-15)

History of Psych Trading Cards (due tomorrow!!!)
Potential Discussion Questions (for Friday):
#1: Distinguish between the different domains/subfields of psychology (biological, clinical, cognitive, counseling, developmental, educational, experimental, human factors, I/O, personality, psychometric, community, & social)

FRIDAY, September 1, 2017
Topic: History of Psychology//
*Identify famous psychologists and explain their contributions to psychology.
Class Work:
*Groups present on 2 psychologists & pass out trading cards.
*Survivor Explanation
*Group Work
*Read p.43-45 (Barron’s AP)
*Bring trading cards to class on Tuesday!!!

Potential Discussion Questions (for Tuesday):
#1: Describe the 7 psychological perspectives.
#2: What are the strengths & limitations of applying these perspectives to explain behavior?