For Spring Break, you are expected to learn about psychotherapies on your own. Complete your Tutorial on Mystery Therapists and complete the following worksheet. This is due upon your return.

Included below are some additional materials you may use for studying and extra credit opportunities. Remember that these resources are for YOU. They have been made for you, compiled for you, and arranged for you so you can study.

If you choose not to study, you are wasting an opportunity. The choice is yours.

Study Tracker

Tips for Studying!
Study often in small chunks of time
Go to a library for quiet or play white noise
Work for 10-15 minutes, break (naps, exercise, snacking, etc.)
Study a different way, in a different place, every time

AP Psychology Study Guide (Links to other resources)
Subject Specific Multiple Choice Practice

AP Central College Board (Practice Free Response Questions)

Quizlet (Vocabulary)

Crash Course Playlist (Video Review)

Myers Textbook (BUDDY Companion Website)
  • Good to review with Animations, Flashcards, and the PsychSim Tutorials

APPsych Materials (List of Documents Provided)